Zeta Zi Zeta ZPhiB Group Shoot 2016-07-2

ZETA XI ZETA of Toledo, Ohio


Basileus---Veda Winfield

First Anti Basileus---Laurie Sharp

Second Anti Basileus---La'Shardae Scott

Third Anti Basileus---Danielle Riddick

Grammateus---Whitney Espinoza

Tamias---Latisha Williams

Tamias Grammateus---Angela Crooks

Phylacter---Monique Gayle

Epistoleus---J'Vann Winfield


Zeta Xi Zeta Chapter of Toledo, Ohio was chartered in May of 1965 and has been bringing the principles of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated to the Northwest Ohio area. 


Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. was founded January 16, 1920, at Howard University, Washington, D.C. The Klan was very active during this period and the Harlem Renaissance was acknowledged as the first important movement of Black artists and writers in the U.S. This same year the Volstead Act became effective heralding the start of Prohibition and Tennessee delivered the crucial 36th ratification for the final adoption of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. The worst and longest economic recession to hit the U.S. would define the end of the decade-The Great Depression.

Since its inception, Zeta has continued its steady climb into the national spotlight with programs designed to demonstrate concern for the human condition both nationally and internationally. The organization has been innovative in that it has chronicled a number of firsts. It was the first National Pan-Hellenic Council organization to centralize its operations in a national headquarters, first to charter a chapter in Africa, first to form auxiliary groups, and first to be constitutionally bound to a fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. The sorority takes pride in its continued participation in transforming communities through volunteer services from members and its auxiliaries. Zeta Phi Beta has chartered hundreds of chapters worldwide and has a membership of 100,000+.

Zeta‘s national and local programs include the endowment of its National Educational Foundation community outreach services and support of multiple affiliate organizations. Zeta chapters and auxiliaries have given untotaled hours of voluntary service to educate the public, assist youth, provide scholarships, support organized charities, and promote legislation for social and civic change.

As the sorority moves toward its centennial, it retains its original zest for excellence. It espouses the highest academic ideals and that has resulted in its members serving in groundbreaking roles in all fields of endeavor. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. is poised for perpetual service to mankind into her second century and beyond.



Zeta Phi Beta Sorority would be remiss not to pay homage to the first women who believed in the need for a new and different type of Greek-lettered organization and acted upon that need. To these women, Zeta was more than an organization-it was a movement, a belief system that reflected, at its core, the desire to provide true Service, to embrace Scholarship, to set a standard for Sisterly Love and to define the noble concept of Finer Womanhood. This belief has sustained and encouraged Zetas around the world to hold fast to the ideals initiated and developed by its earliest members.

The Founders of Zeta were strong, principled coeds who possessed a great deal of modesty, strength of character and pride in academic achievement. They are indeed a worthy foundation upon which to base our illustrious Sorority.

Arizona Cleaver Stemons: Arizona Cleaver was the first president of Alpha chapter and the first national president of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. She completed her graduate and post-graduate studies in the field of social work and was responsible for chartering numerous undergraduate and graduate chapters throughout the United States.

Pearl Anna Neal: After graduating from Howard University’s Conservatory of Music, Founder Neal continued her studies at the Julliard School of Music. In 1938, she was the first black woman in New York to earn a master’s degree in music from Columbia University. An extremely accomplished musician, Founder Neal taught music in North Carolina public schools and served as a director of seniors majoring in music at Teachers College in Winston Salem, NC.

Myrtle Tyler Faithful: Myrtle Tyler was the second national president of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and blood sister to Viola Tyler. A high school mathematics and English teacher, Founder Tyler was an active member of Alpha Zeta chapter in Baltimore, Maryland.

Viola Tyler Goings: Viola Tyler graduated from Howard University with a teaching degree and a major in math. She taught school in Ohio for many years and was always very active in community affairs.

Fannie Pettie Watts: Fannie Pettie graduated from Howard with a Bachelor of Arts degree in education and taught junior and senior high schools in Savannah, Georgia. She was credited with organizing two additional Zeta chapters and had active membership in Delta Alpha Zeta chapter.


World Elder
Abuse Awareness Day

The ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Zeta Xi Zeta Toledo Chapter are going purple today to raise awareness on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.


What is Elder Abuse? Elder abuse is defined as an action that is either intentional or a failure to act upon a cause that puts older adult lives in jeopardy. According to statistics, 1 out of 10 people who are 60 and above experience some type of an abuse which can lead to an injury and homicide. Elder Abuse can be caused by family members, caretakers, and anyone who has contact with a senior. When the incident occurs the matter either goes unnoticed or is not reported by individuals who are witnesses to this abuse, which makes matters worse due to the psychological schema of the older adult’s wellbeing. 


There are five different types of Abuse Older Adults experience:


Physical abuse is when the older adult experiences pain, injury, or distress through the use of physical force. The acts that can cause this abuse includes hitting, biting, slapping, and burning (www.cdc.gov). In extreme cases, death can occur.


Sexual Abuse is when an older adult is sexually harassed by an individual.


Emotional or Psychological abuse is when the older adult is humiliated by another individual or experiences isolation by a caregiver.


Neglect is an action that brings failure to meet ones’ needs and wants.


Financial Abuse is an action that is illegal. It is described as the misuse of authorized money or belongings from the older adult. 

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See For Yourself


Take a look at our gallery of photos and videos taken at our events. These remind us to stay positive that what we do here at Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Zeta Xi Zeta Chapter really does make a difference. We are thrilled to have great memories of all the fun times we spent while promoting meaningful change on earth. See for yourself.

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